Commercial Law and Contracts

New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Commercial Law and Contracts Attorney

New York City: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx and Long Island.



I offer the following Commercial Law and Contracts services:

  • Formation and dissolution of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.
  • Corporate amendments, changes, corrections, and mergers.
  • Buying and selling businesses.
  • Negotiating business and commercial transactions.
  • Drafting contractual agreements (sales, purchases or leases of goods or services, supply agreements).
  • Review of contracts prepared by other parties.
  • Contract formation (express and implied contracts) and actionable promises; contract warranties.
  • Contract invalidity and dissolution of contracts.
  • Contract disputes (contract performance, breach of contract).
  • Contract remedies (for breach of contract, etc.).
  • Equitable estoppel and equitable remedies; reliance and expectation damages.
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

What are contracts? Contracts are legally enforceable agreements. Two or more parties usually enter into contracts to protect their economic or other interests. Common examples of contracts include agreements for sales or leases of goods, sales or leases of real estate, and sales or purchases of small businesses. Contracts are generally considered to be one of the branches regulated by commercial law, which also regulates business and commercial transactions.

Why do I need contracts? You need contracts to protect your interests. The sheer magnitude of most agreements even between the best of business partners cannot be sustained by a simple promise and a handshake. Most agreements involve complex relationships over a period of time, with many variables, conditions, and provisions. This enormous amount of information cannot survive undistorted without being put on paper and "signed and sealed." Otherwise, what seems like an obligation to someone today might not seem like an obligation tomorrow. Things get misunderstood and miscommunicated. Therefore, a contract should be a well-drafted, detailed, and precise legal agreement that delineates the parties' responsibilities and rights. More specifically, contracts may specify conditions and requirements for contract performance, contract dissolution, and damages for breach of contract. In addition, there are laws that regulate the availability of legal recourse and damages and sometimes foreclose certain types of damages unless there was a written agreement.

Why use my services for your corporate and contract needs? I can help you through the complicated and tricky processes associated with forming or modifying corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. I have negotiated, drafted and reviewed a number of simple and complex legal agreements dealing with many areas of law. Remember that it is frequently informal, "handshake" partnerships and agreements that come back as a true business nightmare, potentially exposing you to unlimited personal liability. That is why you need to create appropriate corporate entities for your business endeavors, and to have proper "arms-length" transactions and agreements to protect your rights and to limit your liability. I can also help you through all of the stages of buying or selling an existing business (business and accounting review, legal review, contract, pre-closing and post-closing) to ensure you and your hard-earned assets are protected. I will be glad to discuss your specific needs with you and quote you a flat rate if appropriate.