With a trademark and anti-counterfeiting practice, attorney Leo Mikityanskiy understands that the brand identity and good name of your business in the marketplace are an important and valuable competitive distinction in the eyes of your customers.

Counterfeiting, piracy, and grey market goods threaten these irreplaceable assets, potentially putting millions of dollars and even the survival of your brand at stake. Leo Mikityanskiy can help you defend your rights, including litigating in federal and state courts, to maintain the competitive edge of your business and to force counterfeiters out.

No matter what your specialized area is from jewelry and handbags to watches and computer software, or from start-up brands to well-known brand names and international fashion designers'we focus on our effective preparation, courtroom expertise and compelling presentation skills.

If you wish to discuss your intellectual property matter, including patent, international patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, or licensing, please contact Leo Mikityanskiy today at 718-256-3210.