Unfair Competition

Unfair competition frequently involves deception or use of unfair business practices by your competitors. An example of unfair competition is trademark infringement, when a competitor tries to capitalize on your customers goodwill by passing off their products or services as yours in a way likely to confuse consumers as to the true origin of the products or services, or otherwise misappropriates your intellectual property assets. Unfair competition also includes false or misleading advertising, trade secret theft, bait and switch selling, unauthorized substitution of goods, breach of restrictive (non-compete) covenants, and trade libel or slander. Intellectual property law safeguards the integrity and authenticity of goods and services.

Defending your business against unfair competition and against claims of unfair competition also involves defending your company's rights to your brand name, rights to your Internet domain name, your trade secrets and proprietary company information rights, and your reputation and goodwill in the marketplace that others would try to use to their advantage.

In today's aggressive business environment, businesses frequently face claims of unfair business practices or antitrust violations. Sometimes such claims are brought simply to harass you or to try to force you out of business, and these claims are serious risk to a company's financial well being and even survival. We provide legal counseling and litigation services to clients in all areas of unfair competition and antitrust law.

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